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Let us help you transform your print materials into the digital format in a most cost-effective way. We provide digital content conversion for electronic publishing, data distribution, and the mobile web in the quality as defined by the international standards.  IntelStar through BokShap™ its digital innovations division is now converting all types of information from all major word processing, typesetting, and document formats, as well as paper into all structured formats, including XML, eBook (EPUB, MOBI, HTML5), and others.

Converting your manuscript to an ebook format for various digital readers of today can take your publishing business to the next level. Perfect for seasoned publishers and self-publishers who wants to take advantage the full potential of world-wide distribution of your books, modules and manuals.

We also provide as an exemplary conversion facility as an alternative to all publishers who wishes to outsource their ebook conversion from the formats available on their publishing business process (Adobe InDesign, PDF, Quark Express and ODT).

Yes, we are a startup company but we already working with complex technical documentation typically characterized by elaborate tables, equations, cross-referencing, special characters, footnotes, and specialized imaging requirements. At the moment we only support three languages (Filipino, English and Spanish). Our team are dedicated per project and are scalable to any level to produce thousands to million pages while maintaining each document quality that supports the international standards. - BokShap Digital


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Our extensive superb project management team and multi-level QA means our clients do not need to expend internal resources to fix the data after conversion.

Analyze: Identify issues upfront, fully understand the requirements, anticipate the outcome, and identify redundant content for potential reuse.


Conversion specification: Compile a conversion specification and trial samples using our time-tested approach, prepare the project blueprint, and provide a final preview acting as another checkpoint to make certain all is on track to meet the client’s needs.

Program configuration: Automated conversion software is configured and live data is run through the entire process as a final check.


Production process design: The process is further refined and configured, ensuring the logistics and quality assurance steps are in place and in sync.


Volume production: Extensive planning and QA ensures production runs smoothly and on time, enabling high-volume, bulk conversions.




Intelstar also provides consulting, project development, and project management services for all do-it-yourself (in-house) conversion projects. Our trained team of professional s is available on a project-by-project basis to help you to determine the correct approach, coordinate internal or outsourced resources, manage your resources throughout the project, perform QA services pre &/or post conversion and more.



BokShap BrochureBokShap™ eBook conversion services is all about quality and quantity both. Our team has professionals who has intensive knowledge in digital publishing with years of experience to offer you total quality control. We understand your needs and we value and respect your time as well as ours. Our turn around time is lesser than expected. When you assign us a task we do it dutifully and superbly. Your worries are ours; after all taking care for your eBook needs is our job.

Though we just started a year ago, we are well aware that there exists very little consistency between the files that we receive from our customers to work. Different publishers and Authors uses different publishing platforms like Adobe Indesign, Quark express, MS Word or any other readily available. The variations that we get into file types and quality is huge. This is where our quality assurance team comes into action. No matter in which file format you are submitting a project or in which file format we need to output, our experts always takes best care and produces excellent results.

ePubBased on an array of standards & technologies including XHTML 1.1 & Open eBook, the eBook format known as EPUB was designed to be an industry standard for all eBooks. EPUB’s distinct ability to unify these standards provides a solid formatting foundation for eBooks of any shape or size. EPUB 3 is the next generation of EPUB which includes several enhancements such as being able to support MathML. The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), a non-profit organization composed of publishing & technology companies, maintains the EPUB standard. The ipad currently supports Fixed-Layout EPUB. Unlike standard EPUB, this format does not have flowable content & is similar to PDF. This type of EPUB conversion is ideal for children’s books, cookbooks & travel books.

mobipocketIt was developed during the PDA era by a French company. When eBooks first hit the market, the company expanded their offerings to include their eBook creation & reading software. The company thrived in this emerging market, grabbing the attention of Amazon who purchased them in 2005. Amazon used their proprietary format (MOBI) to develop Kindle, one of today’s most renowned eBook devices. The MOBIpocket format was influenced by HTML 3.2. A number of users who are familiar with the display engine & HTML, support has been continual, especially as the Kindle continues to flourish in the market. The Kindle & the old MOBIpocket use the same Digital Rights Manaement (DRM) which enables manuscripts to be locked. When an encrypted file is downloaded from a vendor, it is locked to the user’s registered device. Kindle eBooks can be read on any Kindle device or application including Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mac, PCs & more.