Friends of Seven Lakes Foundation, Inc

The Challenge

Friends of Seven Lakes Foundation (FSLF) wanted to have a more dynamic and trendy site to accommodate young, and tech-savvy generation of volunteers to help it’s mission to empower the youth to take action for environmental cause. They need a responsive website and host, total rebranding to boost social interaction and participation in the community.

The Solution

IntelStar has a heart for social empowerment project and we help provide web and technology solutions for all of FSLF projects. The design approach we implement for its brand and campaigns speaks for itself and has a unique blend to convey its message across its community.

Complete Brand Identity

Providing FLSF a unique approach for its brand positioning in the environmental scene.

We Rethought Everything

Giving a new look is only a start but providing an impression is what we desired most.




Website Redesign

Day Turnaround


Amazing Result

Mobile Site Visit Boosted by 50%



The Challenge to make the site mobile friendly was achieved by providing an easy to manage CMS platform that also concurs to web standards and best practices


Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Reorganizing contents is challenging but with the superb backend, it was executed perfectly with ease and precision


Extensive Demographic Studies

We help them find traction to the community and it’s really a daunting task. SEO strategies makes our worklife better 🙂

  • Mobile Traction 60%
  • Website Traffic 87%
  • Conversion Rate 75%
  • Email Subscribers 60%

The Results Were Amazing

After its launch, the website visit increase by 15%. Volunteers came and help manage its social awareness program through community involvement and social media campaigns. Projects keep on coming and mobilized by funds from International Organizations. Partnership with local NGOs and private corporations also help boost environmental project initiatives.